Who we are

In 1925, Erich Brosig founded the ‘Internationale Tausch- und Handelsorganisation ITO’ in Breslau. The successful trading company existed during the Second World War and the subsequent expulsion from Silesia. After the departure in 1945, the ITO found its new center in Dessau-Rosslau, Central Germany. Today, our managing director Hannes Brosig, the great-grandson of the founder, represents the international interests of the company from its headquarters in Dessau-Rosslau.

The bigger the market, the greater the prosperity for all.
Adam Smith

The focus was initially on the regional trade of goods of all kinds. This could be extended to supra-regional trading partners in the post-war period and the sixties and seventies. Today, ITO Hub GmbH is setting new targets in the spirit of the globalization of trade. We see ourselves as an organizer, which analyzes markets, recognizes needs and places offers to meet needs. In order to achieve our goals, we use the current opportunities that a highly technological world has made available to us. In today’s world, the global village is in constant dialogue. We are an agile part of this conversation. Communication with our trading partners in China, the USA, Russia and the European countries determines our actions and enables us to take part in the global B2B market at any time.

We see ourselves as moderators and a link for our business contacts and customers. When it comes to B2C, the ITO develops brands with the aim of establishing them and consolidating them in the long term. The brand recognition of our brands is the basis of our success, because our brands combine the customer’s high standards with the quality of our products. Experienced employees from our various divisions implement a quality assurance at the highest level in order to meet this requirement.